Like mother like daughter @laydshea @ashcatch3m

He loves his momma #mommadog #bulldog #englishbulldog @laydshea

Burn! @ashcatch3m @laydshea

Easter girls @laydshea @ashcatch3m

Our bag of M&Ms got stuck in the vending machine, a second later it spits that one out and the one behind it. Jaleiya was dancing in the halls of the hospital. @laydshea

@laydshea will be making how-to videos for makeup, hair and more (what’s trending, product reviews, etc). Subscribe to LayDShea on YouTube! #beforeafter #makeup #smokeyeye #freelancemakeup #laydsheamakeup

For $5, $20 contributions and more, what kind of incentive perks do you think people would like?

This is for a GoFundMe campaign I’ll be launching soon. So far I have…

For $_________ I will:

- give contributor a shout out in my next video
- send a signed photo I’ve taken of their choice
- Have a 30 minute google+ hangout session (webcam)
- Make a 2 minute video about anything the contributor wants
- Contributor gets a photo or video shoot
- One on one swim lesson, photo lesson, video lesson, marksmanship lesson

Kiss attack @laydshea #love

17x7 Prodrive OZ P1 wheels (no tires), 5x100, $600 obo, or trade for either 17 or 18” wheels that are 7-8.5” wide. Would need wheels and tires