Sickest EVO out there spotted in Columbia, looking good @dheanswer I would’ve said wassup if I wasn’t awkward 🐢

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Jaleiya’s first day back in school! She loved her hair & outfit by @laydshea #b2s #backtoschool

The civilian is strong in this one.

Starting a fantasy football league, message me if interested.

#httr great preseason game with my lil bro @kimchiturtle

Barbie youtube videos are possibly the worst thing on this planet. #housedadlife @laydshea

From the date night with @laydshea #innerharbor #charmcity

Couldn’t fit the whole video…but you get the idea. I love being a stay at home dad/freelancer!!!!! And I love this girl

Rest in peace, Robin Williams. You brought joy and laughter to us in so many ways. You and Jim Carrey are who I loved the most growing up, and it shows through my goofiness on YouTube. You were a true inspiration.

It is not confirmed, but it has been said that he was suffering from depression and died of asphyxia. Depression is real, people. If you know someone who’s struggling, reach out a helping hand. #robinwilliams