Monster mosquito bite @claytonfilpo

Making progress on the new patio @laydshea @diamond_miner__

"Are you static or bagged?"

"Neither, I got that Home Depot set up"


Made sautéed teriyaki chicken & squash, threw chicken on the grill & some peppers, naan breadd for dinner with @diamond_miner__ , recipes by @ajleephoto, for my sugar momma @laydshea, also filled the subi with Home Depot supplies for some projects, #housedad #freelance life

AND storyboarded with @claytonfilpo for a sick video project coming soon (🚗💨 @paulsbig56 )

Walked this beautiful yellow beast in a parking garage yesterday #Porsche

Housedad chronicles: Gourmet breakfast

Aer, Pepper and Dirty Heads and best of all, this girl I ended up locking lips with! @laydshea

Mom got her new folders and guess which one she says is her favorite…THE REDSKINS ONE!!! #httr @laydshea @ajleephoto

Brothers separated by the dog park DMZ