HDR shot, Yemi and @acseriki on FedHill

Works 28 out of the 31 days in October between the hospital and makeup. Wakes up anywhere between 4:30-5:00am and sometimes goes straight from the hospital to a makeup client, coming home around 8-9pm. On top of that, cooks, cleans and most of all, puts up with me. I don’t know how she does it, I know I couldn’t. @laydshea


This place is quite terrifying at night when it’s empty #latenightediting

How to deal with morning hair via #stopmotion

Roar lip sync

Jaleiya learning the basics #taekwondo

Gotta visit from @claytonfilpo at work today. First time seeing me at work as a civilian. He insisted on taking my phone to take a photo of me, gave it back to me and said, “that’s what I see right now, and I like it.” Hajaha thanks fili

Lone Survivor: Jaleiya pointed out this flower.

Jaleiya showing me her new tae Kwon do moves!

Abandoned house off the highway in West Virginia